Apple Device Setup

This document will provide a brief overview of services/resources available for you when you receive your Apple device from ARE IT.

Out-of-the-box setup

ARE IT uses JAMF which is a configuration system management system for Apple devices – when you receive your device it is already enrolled in the CALS-ARE Jamf instance. When you unpack/unwrap your device here are the steps you need to take:

  • Turn on and proceed through Mac OS/iOS enrollment once you have unpacked your device
  • If you are setting up your device on campus for the 1st time, it is imperative that you connect to an internet connection in order for the device to join JAMF, if you do not have an active internet connection please do not set up your Apple device until you have the ability to do so.
  • Once presented with a Wi-Fi selection choice (if not using ethernet) – join NCSU or your home wireless network. Your device will automatically be set up to join this network for the duration of the setup, once the setup is done the device will receive a device certificate which will let it automatically enroll in Eduroam after the setup is complete.
  • You will receive a message that the device is set up for Remote Management for NCSU-CALS-ARE/NCSU – proceed through the setup.
  • You should be greeted with a screen below only if you are setting up a Mac OS system once the setup is done.
  • Please login with your NCSU e-mail and your NCSU unity ID password in the following format. You will not be asked to use 2 Factor Authentication.
    • Username : <unityID> – replace brackets with your unity ID
  • Select create a new account (if prompted) and proceed through the rest of the setup.
  • ARE IT utilizes JAMF Connect which lets us keep unity ID and your local account password in sync without the need of a VPN client.

Where do I download Software?

All software is available through the Self Service application on iPad OS/Mac OS. You should be able to search for Self Service using Spotlight (located in the upper right corner magnifying glass) or find it in Finder under Applications if you’re on mac OS. If you see NCSU software that you would like to have but that is not available through Self-Service, please let ARE IT know.

How to connect to ARE Printers?

ARE 3rd and 4th Floor VersaLink B/W Printers will be available only in Self Service on mac OS. These printers are capable of stapling documents, if you would like to know more please visit here.