Phone Services

To place a phone call using your NCSU phone you must dial it in this format:

7+1+Area Code+Phone number – (e.g. 71-999-999-9999)

If you are getting an error message while placing your call, contact ARE IT.

Cisco Jabber

  • Remotely use your Cisco desk phone on your iOS/Android/PC/Mac (available in Software Center or Self Service app on Mac OS)

Single Number Reach

  • The Single Number Reach service allows you to set one or more alternate numbers (e.g., your cell phone, home phone or any other phone you choose) to ring simultaneously when a call comes into your campus desk phone


  • NC State University provides voicemail services for the campus through Cisco Unity Connection. Using Cisco Unity Connection, users can access their voicemail messages and manage greetings and settings from the phone, email, web portal
  • Unified Messaging – This is a function of Cisco’s Unity Connection voicemail system that allows you to receive your voicemail messages as ‘.wav’ files attached to your email. You may receive all of your messages ONLY in your email, or receive them in BOTH your voicemail box and email.
  • Voicemail Quick Guide

Extension Mobility

Extension Mobility allows users to temporarily access their Cisco Unified IP Phone configuration such as line appearances, services, and speed dials from other Cisco Unified IP Phones. This feature is handy for users who work in different offices and require access to their primary phone line from any University phone.