Classroom and Content Capture

Classroom Capture

  • All 110 Classtech and non-classtech managed classrooms that are capable to capture will automatically record scheduled classes, instructors will receive an e-mail prior to the class start that their class will be recorded.
  • Recording lives in the NC State Panopto hosted environment. The instructor is the owner of the folder containing their recordings, and the instructor has full access control of the recordings. Students attending the class are able to view recordings by default.
  • It’s possible to opt-out of recording if you wish to do so – contact DELTA in order to do so.

Panopto Live/Webcast

  • Allows you to make your classroom live for your students as you are teaching via Webcast on Panopto

Panopto Record Now

Panopto Desktop Recorder

  • Can be downloaded through Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (Mac OS)
  • Allows instructors to record outside the classroom.
  • How to record Windows or Mac OS

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