HPC (High Performance Computing)

What is HPC?

  • HPC stands for High Performance Computing. What it really is what we call a “cluster”. A cluster is a group of powerful computers that may or may not work together to do a task. Some of the computers that we have in our cluster have GPUs and some only have CPU and RAM.

ARE has purchased our own node on our NCSU HPC cluster, which means that our group will always have access to this machine regardless if you are able to reserve a machine on HPC cluster or not. If you would like access to this resource, please use the HPC access form to submit your request. Access to this resource can be given to an individual or using HPC Projects that have been established by the faculty. Users that are inexperienced in this environment are HIGHLY suggested to browse the HPC Wiki.

  • For faculty that have established HPC Projects, please list the name of the HPC Project when you are submitting your access request, this will let everyone in your group have access to the node (use the link below – HPC access form to submit your request).
    • If you have established a HPC Project, you can find the name of your HPC Project by logging in here and going to HPC Projects –> Manage Projects.
  • Stata 18 has been loaded onto HPC, in order to gain access to the module, please use the HPC access form below if you would like access to either HPC or Stata 18 module.

Links to other resources:

HPC Wiki – Special thanks to Raymond Guiteras for putting this together for our users.

HPC Mainpage

HPC Access Form

HPC Help