How do I install software on a computer that is provided to me by ARE?

All Software that ARE IT provides is self-service, meaning it is up to the user to decide if they want that software on their computer. All of the software that ARE IT provides is available through Software Center on Windows and Self Service on Mac OS.

Windows 10/11

  1. Click in the search bar or start menu located in the bottom left of your task bar
  2. Type Software Center
  3. Once Software Center open, see Software available to you in Applications.
  4. If there are Windows 10 Upgrades – they will be listed in Operating Systems

Note, if you are getting an error message or your Applications tab is not populating with items, please find troubleshooting guide

Mac OS

  1. Hit Cmd+Space Bar simultaneously to bring up Spotlight
  2. Search for Self Service
  3. Click on Software that you require and install

If there is software that you require that is not available through these channels, please contact ARE IT

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