Password Change

Change your unity ID password – this form requires that you KNOW your current password to change it.

Reset Password – if you DO NOT KNOW your current password , please follow directions on how to reset your password (you need to know at least one of your UIA questions!). Your password will be reset to the NCSU’s default password format, which is:

Eight-digit numberĀ is composed of two items:

  • Last four digits of your Campus ID number (also referred to as the student ID or employee ID number).
  • Four digits of your birth month and day.

Once your password is reset, you can use Change your unity ID password hyperlink above to change your password.


If you have changed your unity ID password and your Windows system is still using your old password here is how you can manually force the system to update the password. You 2 ways have ways to force a password change on your systems, either of these methods listed below will force a password change.

  1. Use Cisco AnyConnect SBL
  2. Physically bring your computer and make sure that it connects to either Eduroam or NCSU wireless network (all ARE system should auto-connect)


Mac OS

Macs that have JAMF Connect installed will automatically update users’ credentials. Please see this post for more details.