Synced Unity ID credentials across Windows computers while away from campus – Cisco SBL

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Start Before Logon (SBL)

Since we will be working remotely for some time, some of you will change your unity ID password. You will notice that your laptop will be using your old password (unless you’re using our VPN service already). Here is a simple guide on how to use Cisco AnyConnect (SBL – Sign Before Logon) feature, which automatically authenticates you and lets you use our VPN service. Using this you will never have out of sync credentials on across your Windows systems.

Windows 10 Instructions:

1) Connect to a reliable Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection, this can be done in the log-in screen.

2) Look at the bottom right for the Network Sign-in icon. It will appear as a white icon with the graphic of two computer displays. Click on this icon.




3) After a short time, the Cisco AnyConnect Client should appear. Click the “Connect” button.

4) Authenticate to our VPN using your unity ID password and 2 factor authentication. Directions on how to use VPN

5) After the client connects to the VPN, it will return to the Windows login screen and you should now see a new “Disconnect” icon in the bottom right that appears as two displays with a small ‘X’.

6) You can now use your NCSU unity ID and current password to login to Windows.