ARE IT Inventory Tool

  • All ARE systems are now part of the CALS IT inventory system.
  • This should allow us to track devices, generate reports and generally better know what we have on hand as a department to better serve our departmental users.

I ask all of our users to please launch CALS IT Information Tool once on each device that they have been issued by the department. Note: If you are not on campus you will need to sign onto our VPN.

  • This tool can be found in Windows in Start Menu, it will be under the letter C.
  • On Macs, it will be found in Self Service app.

Once you launch this tool you will be presented with a window that looks like this, which will state your system information.

  • When loaded please press Click Here to update the Inventory System. This should take you to a browser window that will ask you to fill out the information. Please fill this form out as it will help track devices that are assigned to individual users (you are only required to fill out mandatory fields).