ARE Points of Contact

The purpose of this document is to help you find a staff point of contact if you do not know who to contact in our department.

Name Contact Administrative Support Areas
Jessie Cline Additional Compensation Processing (Faculty and Adjuncts)
Executive Assistant (VACANT) After-Hours Security Access
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Annual Activity Report Support
Carly Haugh Article Copywriting
Jessie Cline Asset Management System (Purchasing, Surplus, Disposals)
Jessie Cline Budget Account Questions
Executive Assistant (VACANT) CALS Safety Committee
Colleen Hembree CEnREP Support
Colleen Hembree Class Schedules
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Conference Room Reservations
Bogdan Nikiforov Conference Room Support
Jessie Cline Contracts and Grants
Carly Haugh Department Publications
Jessie Cline Department Vehicle (Reservations, Maintenance)
Carly Haugh EFM Support
Executive Assistant (VACANT) EHRA Job Processing
Carly Haugh Event Planning
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Facilities Liaison
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Faculty Interview Process Scheduling Support
Executive Assistant (VACANT) General HR Questions
Colleen Hembree General Student Support
Bogdan Nikiforov Googe Calendar Access
Colleen Hembree Graduation Ceremony Planning and Presenting
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Key Assignments
Carly Haugh Marketing
Carly Haugh NCSU Websites (ARE, Extension, CEnREP)
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Office Clean-Out Bin Ordering
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Office Space Assignments
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Office Space Modification/Management
Jessie Cline Ordering Supplies and Materials
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Parking Permits
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Performance Appraisal Cycle Support
Bogdan Nikiforov Printer/Copy Station Troubleshooting
Colleen Hembree Program Enrollment
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Cycle Support
Jessie Cline Reimbursement Requests
Executive Assistant (VACANT) SHRA Job Processing
Carly Haugh Social Media Accounts
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Student Worker Processing
Jessie Cline Summer Salary Processing
Bogdan Nikiforov Technology Equipment Ordering & Surplus
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Timekeeping Support (Wolftime)
Executive Assistant (VACANT) University Temp Services (UTS) Processing (Temporary Workers, Adjuncts)
Jessie Cline USPS and College Mail
Executive Assistant (VACANT) Work Order Requests (Repairs and Maintenance)