ARE Points of Contact

The purpose of this document is to help you find a staff point of contact if you do not know who to contact in our department.

Topic Point of Contact
Financial Questions, Ordering, Grants Monique Engram –
Website, Stories, Marketing Carly Haugh –
HR Questions, Student Workers Taunee Skye –
Student Help, Enrollment, Class Schedules Colleen Hembre –
Printer Troubleshooting and Copy Stations Shared admin account –
Event Planning Carly Haugh –

Backup (Taunee Skye –

Monique Engram –

Facilities Liaison Taunee Skye

Monique Engram –

Keys Taunee Skye –
Mail Taunee Skye –

Monique Engram –

Carly Haugh –

Supply Ordering Taunee Skye –
Office Clean-out Bin Ordering Taunee Skye –

Backups – Monique Engram –

Carly Haugh –

Office Space Modification/Management, Surplus Requests Monique Engram  Р

Taunee Skye –

Parking Permits Taunee Skye –

Backup – Monique Engram –

IT Help, Calendar Access, Surplus Requests ARE IT –
Furniture/Office Supply Surplus Taunee Skye –

Monique Engram –

Vehicle Monique Engram –

Backup – Taunee Skye –

Work orders for repairs Taunee Skye –

Monique Engram –¬†

Carly Haugh –