Employee Separation

IT Departure Checklist – For all employees of Ag & Resource Econ (CALS)

Last updated: 1/5/2022

Allow Time to Complete These Steps

You should allow up to 4 hours to complete all of these steps. Both the employee and the supervisor have tasks.

Requesting IT Assistance

If you have questions or would like assistance completing these steps, please contact ARE IT

Detailed Instruction for System Access Removal

System Access Removal Procedure – Office of Information Technology

Additional Steps and Guidance


  • Google Takeout allows you to export data such as (e-mail, drive, etc.) if needed.
  • If you are retiring, you can request to keep your ncsu.edu email address.
    • ARE-HR representative will need to enter you as a no-pay employee using job code Z968. Make the request to your HR partner. If you are unsure who that is, contact ARE IT (cals_are@help.ncsu.edu)
  • How to delegate email to a supervisor or generic account or another appropriate user.
  • How to change ownership of any listservs to appropriate staff:
    • Send an email to help@ncsu.edu with the names of the lists to change ownership
  • Recommended: Forward any personal emails that you would like to keep to a personal email account or use Google Takeout


  • Google Takeout allows you to export data such as (e-mail, drive, etc.)
  • Use http://webregistry.ncsu.edu  to add your supervisor or appropriate staff as administrative and technical contacts for all Google Groups and generic accounts.
  • How to change ownership of any important Google documents.
    • A better approach is to move your files to a Google Shared Drive. Then you don’t have to change ownership on your individual files.
      • You now have an ability to create Google Shared Drive yourself, directions can be found here



  • Make sure appropriate staff are able to access all files on departmental shares
  • Move any important files from your home directory and computer’s hard drive into a shared space where appropriate people will have access.
    • If documents are sensitive, IT can create a secure location (send a request to cals_are@help.ncsu.edu).
  • Recommended: Move any personal files to an appropriate location, such as a flash drive or personal cloud storage.
  • Be sure you have addressed AFS, OIT managed desktop drives and any other file space provided by your department or the university

Software and online services

  • If you have the password or account for an online service that you use for work or that your unit uses, document this and give access to your supervisor
  • Provide your supervisor with documentation of all software licenses that are:
    • Purchased for the department or specific departmental users
    • Purchased by the university for the employee’s own use
    • Should include license keys, vendor contact info, date of purchase, PO if available
    • If a license is tied to an account or email address, update account information with the vendor using a generic account shared with the supervisor
  • For subscriptions:
    • Cancel subscription, or
    • Change subscriber to a generic account or an appropriate staff member
  • Online or cloud services
    • Ensure owner/administrator credentials are shared or the rights are transferred to another appropriate staff member’s account
  • If there are recurring charges for an online service is charged to your PCard, update the contact information and  credit card information with the vendor to use another appropriate card as determined by your supervisor

Computers and devices

  • You should not reimage, erase or reinstall your computers or devices unless instructed to do so by IT and your supervisor
  • If you have set PINs or passwords on your computers or devices, either remove the PIN or password or give them to your supervisor


  • Return all university-owned equipment to your supervisor, leaving them where the supervisor designates. This includes:
    • Computers, laptops, and monitors
    • Tablets, phones
    • External hard drives, flash drives, cameras
    • WiFi hotspots
    • Printers
    • Any other devices or accessories
  • Be sure that the home use form and asset tracking forms are completed if applicable.