Manual Vehicle Reservation

If you are having issues with JotForm reservations, for example the vehicle is available on the calendar but you are unable to make the reservation using JotForm, follow below instructions for a manual reservation or if you need the vehicle for multiple days in the row. Please note that this reservation will need to be approved by ARE Staff – you will receive an e-mail when this happens.

  1. Go to Google Calendar – sign into your NCSU if you’re not signed in
  2. Add ARE Van Calendar and ARE Car Calendar calendars to your calendar if you haven’t done so.
  3. Select time and date for your event, then create your event in Google Calendar
    1. In the title, please put your name and the purpose of your visit
    2. In the Add guests box, please input N-3300-ARE Van or N-3300-ARE-Car
    3. In the Description box, please add these fields and replace with your information:
      1. Name : Your name
      2. Purpose: Purpose of your visit/why you need the resource
      3. Cell: Your Cell Phone # to get hold of you
      4. Trip Details : If you’re returning the car/van early, please let people know
  4. Hit Save – this will trigger an e-mail that will be sent to Business Services Coordinator (Executive Assistant will be a backup). Once they approve the reservation you will get an e-mail and the reservation will become confirmed instead of tentative on the calendar.