OIT- Changing 2FA for Google Workspace from Google to Shibboleth,Duo

On Monday, May 9, OIT will require Shibboleth authentication to log in to Google Workspace.

As a result, NC State Unity account holders will use Duo Security instead of Google 2-Step Verification to authenticate to Google Workspace. A two-step login process, Duo is currently used to protect university web applications that use Shibboleth authentication, such as the MyPack Portal, WolfWare and PeopleAdmin.

This move:

  • Continues to streamline the university’s two-factor authentication (2FA) services.
  • Makes 2FA enrollment and enforcement consistent across the majority of IT services.

Impact to Users

  • Users will be prompted with a login requiring Shibboleth at the end of their 14-day login session for their browser or computer.
  • Users’ mobile apps and third-party clients will maintain access to Google Workspace accounts until a password change.
  • Intentionally clearing cache and cookies for any reason will force a new service login.
  • A password change will require a new Duo authentication to Shibboleth-protected services.

Google 2-Step

Accounts that will continue to use Google Two-Step include: