Software Center – Troubleshooting

I do not see anything in Software Center in the Applications tab or Windows 10 Upgrade is missing.

How do I manually force a refresh?

  1. Connect to a reliable network connection
  2. Open up your Control Panel by searching for it in Windows
  3. Search for Configuration Manager in Control Panel
  4. In Configuration Manager click on Actions tab, then manually trigger the following actions
  5. Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle–>Run Now–>Ok
  6. You should start seeing software available within 5-10 minutes after you have run these actions.

I am getting an error message when opening Software Center. What should I do?

Most of the time you would get an error message when you try to start the app too soon after rebooting the computer. Please wait 5-10 minutes and try again. If the issue still persists please contact ARE IT

All software keeps failing to install or says “failed”, what should I do?

1.Check that the software really did fail to install.

  • In some situations, Software Center will report an installation “failed” but the software has actually been installed and the detection rule for the software is incorrect and erroneously says failed. In this case if you find something, please contact ARE IT and we will look into it.
  • Search for the software on the computer, and if you find it, try running it and determine whether it will start up.
    • For licensed software, the licensing portion of the installation may have failed and needs to be done manually.
  • If the software is missing altogether, proceed to step 2.

2.Delete SCCM Cache and re-try the installation.

  • Open the Control Panel and select Configuration Manager.
  • Select the Cache tab and click Configure Settings and enter credentials if prompted, then click Delete Files.
    • Be sure to check the box for Delete persisted cache content and click Yes.
  • Close the Configuration Manager window, close and re-open Software Center, navigate to the failed software and click Retry.

If the issue still persists please contact ARE IT