Windows 10 – 1909 Mandatory Upgrade – Deadline 12/04/2020

Windows 10 – Version 1909 Upgrade is available from the Software Center. This is a mandatory upgrade, which has a deadline of 12/04/2020. If you do not initiate the upgrade from Software Center by 12/04/2020, your computer will start the upgrade automatically on or after that date.

How can I start the upgrade?

  1. Save your work. The upgrade could take anywhere 20-45 minutes, requires a reboot and cannot be stopped once started
  2. Search for Software Center in Windows
  3. Launch Software Center and navigate to Operating Systems tab
  4. Click on Windows 10 1909 Education Upgrade –>Install


What’s new in Windows 10, version 1909

How to check what version of Windows 10 I am running

If you would like to be eligible to receive the newest version of Windows 10 ( version 2004 – currently) as soon as it comes out, please contact ARE IT.