Windows 10 21H2 – Required by 08/10/2022

Windows campus administrators have released Windows 10 annual upgrade 21H2, which is required for all Windows 10 managed NCSU computers by 08/10/2022. Please do not wait to upgrade your system as waiting until the last minute will force everyone to download the upgrade at the same time (which causes significant performance issues), if this happens you may sit for a few hours without a working system.

  • In order to start this upgrade, the user will need to visit Software Center application installed on your computer.
  • The upgrade will be in the Operating Systems tab of the Software Center.
  • If you are running a version that is equivalent to 21H2 or higher the task sequence will not show up. Please see how to check what version am I running below.
  • The upgrade will take somewhere between 40 minutes to a few hours depending on how fast is your system.
  • Please check that you at least have 32GB of free space on your C: drive, otherwise, there is a good chance the upgrade will fail. If you need assistance freeing up space – contact ARE IT

If you do not run the upgrade, the upgrade will automatically begin installing on or after 08/10/2022. Once the upgrade begins there is no way of stopping it. Users are highly encouraged to run a 21H2 upgrade before the deadline to remain compliant with the university’s rules and policies.

What version of Windows 10 am I running?

My upgrade task sequence isn’t showing on my computer