Zoom Personal Meeting ID

Every Zoom user has a Personal Meeting Room that is permanently reserved for his or her own use. Users can access their Personal Meeting Room using their Personal Meeting ID (PMI), which is a 10-digit number that can be found on their Zoom profile page. The PMI is used to form a Personal Meeting URL, which is the URL that connects to the Personal Meeting Room. For example, if a user’s Personal Meeting ID is the number 5551112222, then the Personal Meeting URL will be https://zoom.us/j/5551112222. This URL can always be used to connect to the particular user’s Personal Meeting Room.

The PMI can be changed to any 10-digit number through the Zoom profile page. Some users change their PMI to a number that is easier to remember, such as their 10-digit telephone number.

Additionally, your Zoom profile allows you to create a “Personal Link,” which is a customized URL for your Personal Meeting Room. The URL takes the form of https://ncsu.zoom.us/my/YOUR_CUSTOM_TEXT_HERE. To edit your Personal Link, go to your Zoom profile page.

Your Personal Meeting Room is ideal for use with people you meet with regularly. However, because it is always accessible with the same Meeting ID and personal link, it should not be used for back-to-back meetings or people you do not meet with regularly. Once a participant has the link to your PMI, they can join it at any time the meeting is in use, unless you lock the meeting or use the Waiting Room feature to admit participants individually.

For more information, see the Zoom Help Center article, “What Is Personal Meeting ID (PMI) And Personal Link?”