Zoom Retention Policy Changes

NC State’s paid storage for Zoom recordings is filling up rapidly and is almost at capacity. As a result, DELTA must apply the WolfWare Retention policy for Zoom meeting recordings that are stored online.

Beginning Oct. 10, 2022, all Zoom recordings older than two years will be moved to the user’s Recycle Bin in Zoom for 30 days. After 30 days in the Recycle Bin, recordings will be permanently deleted.  Recording owners will receive an email seven days before permanent deletion as a final warning.

Panopto is available for longer-term video storage and streaming. We recommend that you review your Zoom recordings you have stored online and move them to Panopto if you need to preserve them.

Support Documentation

Please contact DELTA’s LearnTech Help Desk at learntech@ncsu.edu with any questions or requests for assistance.