Eduroam – available now

Eduroam is now available on all ARE laptops (Windows + Macs). Computers will automatically join the network if it is available. Eduroam is the preferred network on campus as it is encrypted, unlike NOMAD(NCSU) network.

Existing Eduroam users will remember that they had to renew their personally generated certificate once per year, per each device. This practice is no longer needed as we are able to generate device certificates that are applied to our NCSU mobile computers.

For those that still have a user-generated certificate (you enrolled your device yourself in eduroam), it will still be valid until its expiration date, after the expiration date passes and the user-generated certificate is no longer valid, the computer should switch over to the device based certificate.

All users are encouraged to connect to VPN weekly for several hours to receive appropriate patching and updates as well as reboot their machines weekly to make sure the patches are being applied.