Google Chat to replace Hangouts – June 11th, 2020

Google Chat Replacing

Classic Hangouts in Gmail 

June 2020

On June 11, NC State will officially transition to Google Chat as the default online messaging service.  Chat will replace Classic Hangouts in your Gmail window.  (See SysNews post)

Chat will be available in your Gmail window, via or by clicking the “Chat” icon in the apps launcher. You can also download the mobile app for iOS or Android. Chat has been available as a separate platform for the past year, so you may already be familiar with the interface.  

Chat offers more features than Classic Hangouts, including the ability to create persistent collaboration spaces called “rooms.” Group messages and direct, or individual, messages are still available. In addition, you will notice the following updates:

  • Integration of conversations between Classic Hangouts and Google Chat. 
  • The ability to include external users in direct chats and Chat rooms. External (non users will need a Google account to participate in your conversations and an “external” badge will appear to make sure you know who you’re chatting with.
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 1.33.52 PM.png
  • Group conversations previously created in Classic Hangouts will not migrate to Google Chat. New group messages or rooms will need to be created in Chat.
  • Group messages and rooms have different retention, membership and notification settings. See rooms vs. group messages for a feature comparison.
  • Chat rooms can be used by teams, committees, departments, or for other group-related purposes. Rooms offer several benefits compared to group messages including:
    • Multiple threads
    • Add & Remove members
    • 18-month message retention
    • Members can leave and rejoin
  • With all conversations, you can share documents, start up a Google Meet, or even edit your message. 

Google plans to discontinue Classic Hangouts in the near future, but will continue to make it available for a limited time at Google Hangouts.